Dr. Ali Deniz Dalgıç
Areas of Interest:
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Development of scaffold systems for tissue engineering applications
Controlled Drug Delivery Systems
Targeted drug delivery, Micro-Nanoparticles for drug delivery

Dr. Gülsen Betül Aktaş
Areas of Interest:
Protein Engineering
DNA binding proteins

Assoc. Prof. Yiğit Dağhan Gökdel
Areas of Interest:
MEMS and Microtechnology
Sensors, disposable biosensors
Micro-optical medical imaging devices
Optical MEMS, MEMS-based scanners for imaging applications
Biomedical MEMS, Magnetic MEMS
Biomedical electronics and medical technologies

Dr. İbrahim Başar Aka
Areas of Interest:
Cardiovascular Dynamics
Artificial Heart Pumps
Biofluid Dynamics
Medical Device Design

Dr. İpek Şen Areas of Interest:
Analysis of respiratory sounds for diagnosis
Biomedical signal processing and pattern recognition
Biomedical instrumentation